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Ella Rustia Baptism

Good news from Envolve ICOC Cavite Ministry (Campus Ministry) for they recently witnessed a long-waited baptism!!!

Ella Rustia is a college student and daughter of Elvira Rustia, a disciple in Cavite. She has made Jesus the Lord of her life and was added to God's Kingdom on May 1, 2021. Indeed, heaven is rejoicing!

She has been attending the church for years but it was during the pandemic when she felt that God called her through the messages and blessings they received from Him. Her mother, Tita Elvira, who underwent the restoration study, helped Ella seek God even more.

Since then, her transformation has been evident. She did all the challenges even to the point of giving up relationships, and surrendering her life, time, and plans to God. She also invited her niece and friend, both are now studying the Bible. Amen!

We are proud of your decision Ella. You are such an inspiration to all of us. We are thrilled to see how God will do more amazing things in your life for the days to come. We love you and we will be with you. To God be all the glory!✨

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