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Jenny Joy Latagan and Elona Latagan Baptism


by: Jerome and Jennifer Latagan

After a long journey for a 16 year old teen Jenny Joy Latagan, God has answered her and her sister's prayer. Jenny Joy Latagan was Baptized March 14, 2021 together with her sister Elona Latagan.

When she was in Grade 7, she became curious about the standards of God and began to ask a lot of questions. Despite being very active in school and having a lot of friends, she always wanted to do the right thing. Last year she started to study the bible and was fascinated with it. Along the way, convictions flared up on her and the longing to become a disciple. She took all her challenges and proved her heart in loving God.

Elona is a sweet 15 year old teen who loves her family and her older sister Jenny Joy Latagan.

During pandemic, Elona opened her heart for a bible study. Though it was a bit of a challenge for her at first, she took time to listen and do the challenges. Most of the time she based her decisions from her older sister Jenny Joy. However, as the study progressed, Elona started to do her part, not missing her quiet times and started to get hooked up with worship songs. Her love for God led her to victory.

Their uncles Stephen Latagan, Jerome Latagan and their aunt Jennifer Latagan were so proud to have them as part of the family of disciples. Their parents were all very supportive throughout the journey.

Welcome Jenny Joy and Elona Latagan to the Kingdom of God! We Love You!

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